Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

And Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All! And perhaps too much candy, besides :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Touring Sleigh is Here!!!

HOLIDAY SPECIAL!! I'm selling the sleigh tour system for only 1500L until mid-January. Similar systems run over twice as much, or even more. I truthfully believe it is the best horse drawn touring system on the market right now, but I want people to get a chance to use it and show it off to friends and visitors. Besides, it's Christmas!

I know, I know. You can just go to Eyre and ride it around for free. But for those of you who Brave the Wilds of Other Sims, you might think about taking advantage of my Christmas Sale to have a sleigh tour of your very own! The sleighs can be set to become temp rez when a passenger sits on them, so you only need to have a free prim on your own parcel.

In World at the Carriage House: ... 20/183/23/

Or online at: ... ID=1074883

This beautiful sleigh and horse will take visitors for a guided tour that you create. Smooth motion and amazingly realistic animation combine to create an true winter wonderland experience. The Cheval Verite touring script is easy to use, but permits customization such as automatic announcements, delays, stops and rotations to face scenic outlooks. Create a permanent touring vehicle, or use the temp vehicle which turns to a temp-rez object (does not count against parcel prims) when passengers sit on it.

Come see it in action at the Cheval Verite Carriage House in Caledon Eyre: ... 20/183/23/

Sleigh Features include:

--Sculpted prim animation. No "missing legs" or stiff prim rotations.
--Horses wiggle their ears, occasionally stamp their feet when paused and make horsie noises.
--Cheerful Jingle Bell sound.
--Copy/Mod, so you can create as many vehicles as you like, and add custom features such as your own poseballs or decorations.
--Prim limited? No worries! Simply set the sleigh to temp rez and put it in the rezzer. Visitors then can touch the rezzer to get a vehicle to ride. This means you only need one prim available.
--Or leave the sleigh out. When someone sits on it, it becomes temp rez (ZERO parcel prims) heads off, and the rezzer automatically rezzes another sleigh in its place.
--OR use the permanent sleigh, and just have it loop about on a tour.
--Sleigh can be set to sit still at any designated waypoint until a passenger sits on it
--Sleigh can be set to self destruct at the end of the tour (no sleighs need clutter up your sim!)

About the Cheval Verite Touring System--
--Smooth motion, with no pauses at waypoints (unless programmed in)
--Uses Global Coordinates, which makes for smooth and easy sim crossings.
--Coordinates are entered on the notecard in easy to understand Local format.
--Drop down menu accesses the position detector, which allows for precision coordinates with no guess work.
--Preloaded Notecard system combines the low lag feature of notecardless systems with the easy of use and customizability you get from storing the route on a notecard. Want another vehicle to follow the same route? Simply copy and drop the notecard into it!
--Automatically points in direction of travel (but can be set to rotate to a specific direction at a waypoint if you like)
--Automatically tilts up and down when climbing or descending.
--At each waypoint, can be preprogrammed to wait for a specified period of time, wait until someone gets on, rotate to face a specific direction, say anything you like in chat, or self destruct at the end of the tour (quietly!).

If you have any questions at all, please send me a notecard/IM and I'll be happy to answer you!

-Miss Virrginia Tombola
Owner, Cheval Verite/La Bicyclette