Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When the Hurly Burly's Done

I know everyone is all aflutter about the New Babbage Mayoral campaign, with its wonderful campaign advertisements, but surely those kingdoms who aren't in the throes of an election can have Fun Posters as well?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sighted around Lionsgate

I truly don't know what to make of these tattered photographs that I found washed up on the beaches of Lionsgate. Someone apparently took these with their trusty Brownie somewhere just to the Northeast of Port Caledon, judging by the buildings one can see in the background of the first. The second photograph is even more inexplicable, as it seems to have been taken underwater--no doubt by one of our local Intrepid Explorers with some clever Aquatic Submersible Conveyance.

But why were these photographs so casually discarded? And more to the point, what on Earth are they of? I fear these questions may have to be unanswered at this time, but all I know is that sailor would not be unwise to exercise All Due Caution when navigating the waters of the Middlesea.

Friday, January 9, 2009

American Warmbloods

I found some lovely photographs of a spirited horse with the cutest look in his eye, and just had to take him (virtually) home. The problem is, the photo wasn't labeled with the breed. So, I called up Mrs. Nabila Nadir Peterman, who jousts in RL and is a bit of a horse expert (if not entirely sane), and after consultation with another one of her jousting friends, they decided that "Chester" was a specimen of the American Warmblood type--a breed more focused on sport performance than any particular bloodline. I hope I've managed to capture some of the "spunk" the Warmblood has.

I have made both a riding and a static version. The riding version has all the usual features of my horses, the static version flickers its ears and makes periodic noises (and is only 16 prims).

Both are on sale at the Carriage House in Caledon Eyre:

or on the XStreet Exchange

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Au Revoir, New Toulouse :(

Perhaps it shouldn't surprise us, when so many sims are facing hard times, but I still had to bite my lip--

Group Notice From: Carricre Wind

As much as I am pained by this, I have to sell the New Toulouse sims.

For months now I've been keeping them afloat out of pocket and I'm frankly going broke. There are several factors that have caused this, to many to really go into.

I'm listing them for sale for $350usd each, with the buyer paying LL's transfer fee. If one of you lovely residents is interested in taking over as it were, then I'd happily do everything I can to help.

I just can't upkeep it anymore.

I really wish I could...

Mama Cree

They are brilliant sims. I hung about in New Toulouse when it wasn't even New Toulouse yet, but just a prototype on half a sim. I was honoured to be among the first residents there. From late night dancing at the speakeasy next door, to racing my horse down the back streets and over the fences, to the art exhibitions and bohemian SL's I've come to count as friends, it's a magical place.

I truly hope it continues--that's a break even price Mrs. Wind is asking for, frankly.

I'll leave with a silly video

Watch more video games and play free games at WeGame.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Library Blimp is Coming!

Yes, hot on the heels of creating entirely too much trouble with my sleighs in Eyre, the Caledon Librarian asked me to create a suitable "Book Blimp" to ferry the literate and careless of their lives to and from the various branches. It's a bit faster than the usual inter-library loan, albeit a tad more draughty.

Once I work out a suitable path through the various full parcels of the region, service will be starting at the Victoria City Branch and landing at Mayfair. More routes to follow, time and foolishness permitting.