Monday, February 23, 2009


My RL dog passed away today. I wish I could say more, something eloquent, something that explained how much a part of our lives she was, or how she was my fuzzy relief in some terribly difficult times. More prosaically, she was the inspiration and model for many of my SecondLife animals. Her myriad of expressions live on through my clumsy hands that way, at least.

But words fail me. In the end, she was a dog, and dogs are love. In my better moments, I hope to be half as goodhearted and cheerful as she was. I owe her that, I think.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bay Trekehner Horse

Still have to get this fellow into his box, but in the meantime, I took him for a ride in the "badlands" below Grendle's avatar shop (also known as Aviara). For those of you who haven't seen the area, it's well worth the trip. There's also a game called the Aviaran expedition, which has you rooting about for things to make other things, things to feed things to get things to make things, and in general have a good time wandering about. There are rumours that this game may soon find its way to Caledon, with a special steampunk twist...