Tuesday, July 3, 2007

To Bram Stoker, with all due affection

Well, that was a splendid weekend! For those of you who missed, we had the Grand Opening of Eyre. Mr Oolon Sputnik set up a marvelous little buffet and bar in the carriage sweep south of the Coach House, and things were wonderfully busy the whole day throughout. I must admit, I was too busy to photograph, but fortunately, Lord Bardhaven had his easel at the ready

Delightful Pictures Courtesy of Lord Bardhaven

I was particularly delighted to have secured the services of the young Oliver "Ollie" Grut (barely seen above in the coachman's seat), a bit of a rough-hewn scamp of 8 or so, but a dab hand with the horse reins. Ollie and his quieter sister Mary are orphans, and I have since put up some beds for them in the Carriage House. To be honest, I am a terrible housekeeper, and am glad for two pairs of hands to do the necessary shoveling and sweeping about the place (RL Note: Of course, the two characters are played by adults--all tips they get from their carriage rides go as donations to a RL orphanage foundation in the UK)

Photo Courtesy of Colonel Hotspur O'Toole

The weekend also saw the unveiling of the uniforms I made for the Caledon Lancers, based upon the 17th Lancers of Berg, a Polish Unit. I made a few changes, some due to the limitations of SL, some the aesthetic requests from Col O'Toole, some my own whimsy, such as the Bunny insignia :). But overall, the future Lancers seem pleased with both the uniforms and the Calvary HUD I threw together using Professor Avalanche's fantastic animations. Rather than cross post, here is Col O'Tooles overly flattering description of the uniforms:

Well away, just to prove that I am able do some photographic work myself, and not simply thief from other's journals, here is some of yesterday's sillyness. Miss Terry Lightfoot outdid herself again with a lovely dark dress, the box of which I think scarely the floor befroe I was eagerly tearing it apart to get at aforementioned frock!

But black...hmmmm.... Well, this weekend is a Dark Victorian Ball, in the spirit of Bram Stoker and all. Think misty evenings, dark fellows in long capes, and yes, dresses like this. I tossed on a pair of smoked spectacles and went about creating a little pet for the occasion. I present Batty, the bat:

And after the requisite posing about in the requisite graveyard, it was time to saddle up on my other weekend creation, the Night Mare, and head off into the moonset. One might recognize the Pegasus lines under this breed, but one might also notice little, subtle differences, such as the red sparks she strikes at gallop, the steam coming from the nostrils, the glowing red eyes which swirl, and just possibly a few minor colouration differences :)

So, I am more than ready for the ball this weekend, I do believe! But I think I might find a well starched, high neck collar. One does not wish to appear overly accessible, if you understand my meaning.


Amber_Palowakski said...

Your workmanship is superb, Miss Virginia!

Brandy Rasmuson said...

Miss Tombola, thank you so much for your assistance with the horse yesterday! It was a pleasure to meet you though other strange happenings still prevented the short ride I was attempting. The world cooperated much better just a few hours later, and I'm looking forward to returning for a horse of my own in the future.

Also, you make a very good point about the accessibility issue. That is something I had not yet considered for my own dress for the ball. I will need to see what I can do about that in the next few days.

Eladrienne Laval said...

Oooo Miss Tombola!!!