Saturday, May 24, 2008

Things I've Been Up To

Good day all! Should you detest shameless huckstering, do avert your eyes from this entry and trot on over to the Brass Goggles blog or some other such online confection.

In the meantime, should you find yourself about the stables in Eyre, and you find yourself with an inexplicable need for a chicken, well away, for 100L (beg pardon, I mean the "low low price of 100L, lord only knows how long this screaming deal shall last") you may have a mod copy hen and fuzzy offspring:

Also in the "look but do not ride" category is this grazing Arabian (or drinking, or what have you) for 300L:

I was rather pleased with this one, actually. That is the head that I created as my first Zbrush product.

There will be an animated, ridable version of the Arabian. I am only waiting on a new saddle. It will be part of the Western line, along with the Appaloosa. Here's a few "sneak previews" of the Appy. He's a bit ratty, but I think he's cute :)

That's about it for now. I've a few projects on the "back burner" right now, such as the long awaited sculpted centaurs (Miss Seisenbacher has made some wonderful hair for them!), and some more carriages with options. So, as they say, do watch this space!

Miss Virrginia "Snake Oil Salesgirl" Tombola

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