Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well, a bout with a cold led to a flurry of building. I finally learnt how to make skins, and put this avatar together.

A complete avatar, the Purple Beta includes a sculpted tail, skin, modifiable shape, hair, and the sculpted modesty shells. I also included a modesty set of extra scales for strategic areas, as I found that some mermaid sitting poses allowed a bit too much skin to be seen around the shells :P

Thanks to my friend Miss Jacquelin Seisenbacher of Ein Kleineschwein Designs for the wonderful hair work. Frankly the set is probably worth getting just for her hair alone.

I'm selling this for 100L in Relay For Life vendors only, with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Association. Said vendor can be found in Caledon Lionsgate here:

While the avatar set does not include an AO, right next to the vendor is another from which you can get Duchess Kamilah Hauptmann's amazing mermaid AO for only a 50L Relay for Life donation. The avatar was designed with this AO in mind--unlike most, it recognizes the water surface and allows for multiple swimming speed and FANTASTIC jumping animations, complete with water spray and sound.

Safe Waters!

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