Thursday, August 7, 2008

Skulls for Sale! Getcha Craniums 'Ere!

Well, not everyone has the time to sculpt their own skulls (link!), so I am now selling my skulls on the open market, specifically at the Dark Victorian Emporium in Caledon Tanglewood. Do stop by there if your tastes run towards black taffetta--there are some amazing works there by some top notch creators (i.e. not just my silly skulls).

The pricier one here is the full perm set, for use by vendors who wish to incorporate them in their own builds:

I am also selling no-copy versions which come with four skulls (for private use), or copy versions (for those who want to build with them, but don't intend to sell their builds).

I am also selling this silly set:

Touch the skull and the Raven squawks "Nevermore!" as voiced by our own talented Mr. Hotspur O'Toole (for some reason, I always did imagine that bird having a bit of a husky Northeastern US accent).

Again, all these and many more things by far more talented designers than I are available at the Dark Victorian Emporium (including a lovely Poppins avatar created by Mr. AM Radio).

And....coming soon (but probably after I return from holiday, as one never knows with scripted items):

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