Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Skulls About the Town

Well, I'm pleased to say that the skulls have been selling very well. It's really wonderful to hear about the creative things people have been doing with them.

Here's a couple of snapshots I received recently, the first from a Ms. Fallacy DeCuir of FDS designs who made one that emits glowing skull shaped particles, and the obligatory candle skulls:

And everyone's favourite Evil Overlord cum Mad Scientist, Dr. Obolensky, has created this little vacation retreat in Clockspire cove:

Finally, a bit of "Haunted Mansion" style fun from Cald Stine. He was kind enough to send me the haunted grave--I must say the chuckle is rather unnerving!

As always, hearing that people are having fun with my toys really makes me happy :) So if you have pictures of you and your skulls, horses, or unsafe modes of transportation, do drop me a line :)

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