Saturday, January 26, 2008

All Work and No Play Makes For a Dull Girl

With the title's admonitions in mind, last night I put aside the projects I've been working on and headed over to Antiquity, where Duke AngusGraeme Caelwin was sponsoring a horse race. He had just finished the final touches on the Antiquity Equestrian Center (in Antiquity Forest, if I weren't brain dead, I would have a ready SLURL), and we lined up shoulder to wither to start off. Much to my great astonishment, I managed to win the first heat, then we REVERSED directions (oh, my poor brain!) for the second, which I have captured here for all immortality:

Erm, yes. I took the crest of that hill just a little too quickly, then promptly flailed about trying to jump back on course. As you can see, 16 odd heavily scripted attachments at full gallop makes for a bit of lag, but a fun time was had by all.

Well, afterward, I had to make my excuses and head back to the shop to meet up with the Hippotech people. My server wasn't delivering updates, and we all had a good head scratch about that. Then we (or I should say they) discovered the script was off. Ack! The LSL equivalent of "did you plug it in?". In my defense, there is a known SL bug in which scripts will turn off if the object is copied, but still.... Anyway, apology cards were sent out, with instructions on how to turn it on. If you did NOT get a card, check to see if the running box is checked on the zht_OnRezUpdate script in the contents of the horse. It is the box in the lower left corner of the script (note that you can't see the script, but CAN access the box)

Whew! Well, fortunately I caught this early on, and not after a few hundred horses were on the market. So--off to play again, this time with the Caledon Troopers. Had a splendid ride through a snow bound ski resort, finishing with a sliding gallop downhill! Absolutely beautiful, and a great thanks to Miss Vulpine for organizing the ride (I was having too much fun to take pictures, but I understand someone did and they ought be out soon).

Well, back to the shop today. Oh, and that RL apartment which need be cleaned up for my Sunday guests....

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