Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Farewell to Prims

I have truly loved my old style, mostly non-sculpted horses (the head was borrowed with permission from a sculptie contest). They were something I originally made specifically for my new place in Eyre: I just couldn't imagine the English Countryside sans small little run about carriages and riding horses with proper sidesaddles and English saddles. I could smell the moist green dirt while I puttered on the beasties.

And for the tools I had back then, I am not ashamed of them:

But, the tools in Second Life have changed, as have mine. I finally saved up enough to crack the piggy bank, and ran out and picked up Photoshop after a year of texturing. More importantly, I sat down and force taught myself 3D modeling (a huge thanks to Miss Natalia Zelmanov for her wonderful tutorials, as well as Mr Omei Turnbull for his Wings3D importer!). And truthfully, I've learnt MUCH more about scripting since the early days.

I realized this as I was pulling the old Pegasus off the market today. One might compare today's release with the old:

So, the short of it is, as of today, I'm pulling all the old horses in favour of the new. I had considered keeping the old as a "discount" model (I freely admit the new ones are twice as much as the old), but that doesn't make me feel comfortable. I want the BEST horses on the market out there, and truthfully, the old ones no longer are.

I will think with fondness about all my rides on the old beasties, and I like to think that they are now gnawing about sweet virtual grass in the pastures of my inventory. I hope you've all had fun with them, and of course, I hope that if the time comes for you to look for a new riding companion, you'll drop by the Carriage House in Eyre:

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