Thursday, February 14, 2008

Peggy's Evil Twin

Yes, yet more Machima! After the last SL update, WeGame stopped working for me, and after the fourth exchange with the tech support fellows, I think they gave up on me (a tad annoying, as I went to the trouble of running some diagnostic thingees for them, but oh well. Fun while it lasted and all that). So, I shook the piggy bank again and came up with enough for the FRAPS screen capture program. A bit easier to use, but I still haven't found an Win2000 compatible editor.

So, I am using this odd little free program called Jumpcut, run by Yahoo. It has...issues, not the least of which was the hour long upload to the site. And it isn't a real editor, as it doesn't actually alter one's own video file, but rather how it is presented. But, it shares with the late and lamented WeGame one outstanding virtue. It's free.

So, with no further grumpy ado, here is yet another Silly Flying Horse Video. Hope you enjoy it, and the salesgirl in me must say, it should be on the market this weekend.


Neb said...

Oooooh...where did you film that? Very spooky.


Virrginia Tombola said...

It is an "envisioning of Hell" in Serpentes, made by Doeko Cassidy. I read about it in his SL forum post in the Gallery section:

It is still a bit empty, but whilst I was doing the shoot (with the client window and maps closed) my camera suddenly filled with the face of a batwinged Daemon! He turned out to be very polite, and helped me with my Windlight settings, but I have to admit I had a moment there :shock: