Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mama's got a Zbrush....

And she was up all night long :)

It's not the MOST user friendly program out there (at least for we Luddites)--I remember reading their online help which started with something akin to "The principles of Zbrush are inherently simple due to being based upon simple polygonic uvmap circularities in 2.5 dimensions (alterable to 3 if you need). Furthermore, beeplebapple snork snork!"

Or words to the effect. But there is no denying that it is an incredibly powerful program. And thankfully, Mssrs Vlad Bjornson and 2K Susei were more than understanding on the forums (The Shiny Life tutorials are a definite first stop for future Zbrushers)

But after the dust settles, I am still astonished at what I can do, and I've only used a few brushes so far. It allows one to sculpt RIGHT onto the object, and paint as well (two different methods for that- which is still perplexing me, but I will get on, I'm sure)

Here's my practice head I've been working on (please ignore the texturing issues)--


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