Monday, April 7, 2008

Shire Horse is Done!

For those looking for a stouter (erm, big boned) steed, here's the mount for you! Shire horses are the direct descendants of the English Great Horse, and they have all their ancestor's size and stolidity (although they have a more pleasant disposition than the original war horses probably did).

Here's the two "model horses" I was basing mine on. I so loved the pink noses!

A special thank you to Her Grace CoyoteAngel Dimsum who made the sculpt map for the new saddle :)

I've been continuing to update the horse scripts, and added a few new features whilst I was working on the Shire:

- a three stage jump animation (I put an altimeter in the horses, so they sense when they are about to touch down and do a "prelanding" animation)
- a "fatigue" feature where the horses get tired after about five minutes of galloping, slows to a trot and pants, whereupon it needs to be cooled down via walking (you can toggle this off if you like)
-gallop boost, which makes the horse gallop faster (this can be turned off, making the gallop only as fast as the trot)
-pose mode now can be used with the horse rezzed on the ground (before you had to wear it). Rearing won't animate unless you are wearing the horse, but the legs will pose and you can edit it into position.
-prance mode (which I used for the leg demonstration video) which runs the selected leg animation regardless of whether the avatar is moving (so you can prance in place, should you like)
-A few more sounds and ear twitches. The ears now cock back sometimes, as if the horse was actually paying attention to the rider :)
-For those with older graphics cards, the leg animations can be turned to half speed.
-Script reset now does a reset of all scripts on the horse, not just main animation script.
-I fixed all reported bugs, such as the strange one where the horse would get stuck in a rear if it started flying whilst rearing. As always, if you find ANYTHING strange with the horse, please write to me.
-in general, more reliable and smoother animations (I use mostly key capture now, rather than relying on LL's occasionally erratic animations to activate).

All these updates should be coming out for the older horses as well in the next few days, do call if you don't get the 2.5 update (to receive it, simply rez your old horse, and my update server should send you a new one)


Neb said...

You make the best horses in SL. Just amazing. I love all the little details, like the ear twitches. What's next? Spooking? Eek! A mailbox! (horse jumps sideways) I wish more writers would make THEIR horses as realistic. No, you can't gallop a horse for hours, Hollywood/novel writers. Gah.



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