Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seahorses are HERE!!!

Care to sport about the Firth a bit? We're absurdly proud of this one. The Vicerine really outdid herself with the engine--this is NOT simply an animated attachment, it propels you forward at astonishing speeds (or can be slowed to a crawl), leaps out of the water in a fully animated dolphin leap, climbs/dives, and will automatically shoot to the surface or bottom on command. Or you can put it in fly mode.

I did my usual foolishness with design--the eyes blink and look around, the tail wiggles, it looks like a seahorse.

With no further ado, onto ad copy ;)

Inworld at Lionsgate or the Carriage House:

On the XStreet Exchange (formerly the SL Exchange):

For Mers and Landlubbers alike!

Explore the World, below and above the waves, with your amazing Seahorse. Not just an animation override, it uses the unique P.I.E. engine which combines vehicle-like maneuverability and speed with the reliability of an attachment vehicle. Swim or fly at speeds ranging from a turtle’s stroll to a dolphin’s sprint. Leap out of the water in a spray of water. See your seahorse climb and dive, or just bob along contentedly while you take in the scenery.

-Worn as an attachment, the seahorse does not count against parcel prims, and will go with you when you teleport.
-HUD controlled for instant and easy access to all functions.
-Includes regular (astride), sidesaddle and mermaid/man riding poses. Poses can be changed via the HUD.
-Climbing, diving and jumping animations.
-Sculpted prim construction, with animated tail and fin (can be turned off).
-Periodically bubbles from the mouth with a bubbly sound (can be turned off).
-Eyes look around and the eyelids smoothly blink together at random times.
-Real life seahorses can change colours, but yours can also individually change eye, harness, tack and saddle colours. Easy to use colour change HUD allows for a near limitless variety of colours to suit your tastes.
-Leaps at the surface in a realistic arc with spray and sound.
-Free swim mode allows the seahorse to ignore the water level and fly wherever you like!
-Water level can be changed to allow for swimming/leaping in non-Linden water (such as swimming pools)
-Variable speed controlled by a slider on the HUD.

Come visit the tropical island of Lionsgate and take a demo for a swim today!

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Kamilah Hauptmann, Posture Is Everything Animations
Virrginia Tombola, Cheval Verite/La Bicyclette Horses

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