Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Au Revoir, New Toulouse :(

Perhaps it shouldn't surprise us, when so many sims are facing hard times, but I still had to bite my lip--

Group Notice From: Carricre Wind

As much as I am pained by this, I have to sell the New Toulouse sims.

For months now I've been keeping them afloat out of pocket and I'm frankly going broke. There are several factors that have caused this, to many to really go into.

I'm listing them for sale for $350usd each, with the buyer paying LL's transfer fee. If one of you lovely residents is interested in taking over as it were, then I'd happily do everything I can to help.

I just can't upkeep it anymore.

I really wish I could...

Mama Cree

They are brilliant sims. I hung about in New Toulouse when it wasn't even New Toulouse yet, but just a prototype on half a sim. I was honoured to be among the first residents there. From late night dancing at the speakeasy next door, to racing my horse down the back streets and over the fences, to the art exhibitions and bohemian SL's I've come to count as friends, it's a magical place.

I truly hope it continues--that's a break even price Mrs. Wind is asking for, frankly.

I'll leave with a silly video

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Eladrienne Laval said...

It really is a wonderful place and that prototype sim was fantastic wasn't it? With that swamp with the water winding through. I was one of the first residents too and still have a shotgun there. New Toulouse is a gorgeous sim and a special place. I hope it'll be able to continue on. Thank you Mama Cree for making something beautiful.

Vi said...

Sad. I have this nightmare sometimes that the world is going to turn grey and mean, though I have no doubt that the CEOs will shut it out behind gilded curtains. I hope Mama Cree and Mr Whittlesea will do well IRL, at least!

Mari said...

Thank you so much for saving this view of the first baby New Taloo--what a build---so fortunate to still live in her big sister