Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Time for a bit of shameless Commercialism. Miss Christensen and I have thrown together this little flivver for all your touring needs. I based it upon some photographs I found of early twentieth century Rickshaws. I have been told that, for better or worse, most of the pedestrian driven rickshaws have been superseded by bicycle "cyclos" (we have one of those in the works as well :P). Still, I truly think that they don't quite measure up to the charm of an authentic hand pulled cart, virtual though it may be.

Here I am pulling Mr. Sputnik about near the Tea Gardens of Mrs Wind:

It seats up to two passengers, and if you wish to be pulled by someone other than yourself, you can allow others to "drive". It has standing and pulling animations, cheerful wheel sounds, animated wheels and comes with a driver's hat.

I've got it on sale at the carriage house in Caledon Eyre, next to the telehub (also on sale at Second Frame Animations and La Bicyclette in Port Caledon)

Speaking of Caledon Eyre, do pop by and see a marvelous Moviescope I have just received as a present from Sir ArthurConan Doyle. It plays the famous 1878 stop motion photographs of a horse in motion by Muybridge. Not coincidentally, these are the photographs I used to create the leg animations for my horses. Thank you, Sir Arthur!

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