Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Storm Winds

Oh, yet another busy RL week, followed by a surfeit of SL projects I have been working on. I'm happy to say I managed to make a Jager Uniform of the mid 19th (NOT to be confused with a Jagerkin uniform, though I admit similarities). I've spun out a 17th century man's outfit (which is just the thing for pirating, if you ask me), made a circa 1700-1720 saque dress for Versailles, a new carriage after the smaller coaches of that period (not everyone got to ride in Catherine the Great's carriage, after all), started a shop in Babbage, had a lovely birthday party with Miss Lightfoot at the TARDIS yesterday, and continued work on my Sky Galleon.

I really ought put some of those aforementioned things up for sale, but really, I've been a bit lazy about the merchanting side of the house. I really do like commissions, don't have to bother with all that fluferall one gets in the SL Exchange and similar places.

Oh, and just to establish the point, I did not make that exceedingly clever Air Lancer helmet I have been sporting lately, that is the work of the amazing 3D artist Mr. Expedition Offcourse. If you haven't seen his work yet, do drop by his place in Caledon Sky City, at berth #13.

So, with all this (and a few RL writing projects), what is a poor girl to do? Well, there is always cycling, but when the rain comes, as it does with increasing regularity as the days get longer, one takes solace in a good read. But once the girl is married off/achieves self-actualization/blows up the baddies with the help of her Tennesee boyfriend (just read and loved Gibson's All Tomorrow's Parties--the heroine is a former cycle messenger :)), one is left with still a bit of brain mushedness to eliminate....

So, off to the SteamPunk wars!

I do so love flashgames, though I wonder at times about my cheerful reliance upon explosions to unwind at times. Well, so long as such activities don't change my RL outlook (I assure everyone, I feel badly when I need scold my puppy. RL does NOT find me toting Vickers machineguns about)

Here, one is valiantly defending one's Caledonian home from the nasty Middlesea pirates in their flying flivvers and battleships (oh, to be fair, if the lads of Middlesea would simply play more sport, they would not have such an excess of energy) One changes about from station to station, trying to find the best form of proper deterrence against the villainous Air Pirates. At least that is how I read it.

The part that makes this worth more than a singular visit is the strategizing. Not only must you decide which stations need manning, but between waves you must make painful decisions about what things to buy, what things to put into repairs, and where to place everything on your armoured redoubt. All in all fun enough. Now if you will excuse me, I have to nip back the the electronic sewing machine...well, one more round of chittering cannon first. I do hope I can be excused that. :D

Storm Winds, courtesy of Armoured Games:

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Diamanda Gustafson said...

I love how the Galleon is part of my new view - it is soooo pretty!