Thursday, June 26, 2008



Well, after a few weeks of testing these fellows, I feel satisfied that they perform well in the nightmare that is the Second Life environment (gah, sim boundry protection, backups for when the fishee got stuck in tight quarters, what to do if it is chasing someone and they crash, etc)

But, they are animated, they are obedient and they are here!

Beta Fish

Butterfly Fish

The Cnidarium (not EXACTLY a fish. Frankly not sure exactly WHAT it is :P)

Steelhead Trout

Now you can have your own pet fish that will follow your commands! Animated sculpted prim construction means this highly detailed, photorealistic fish is only TWO prims.

COPY/MOD Make as many copies as you like, sized as you like. HAve a whole school, or just one faithful companion

Swishes its tail and bubbles happily whilst swimming around.

Yes, you can sit on the fish :) Great fun if you have it following someone!

Not just a wandering animal, the fish has multiple modes you can command via chat.

* ROAM: The fish will wander in a sphere centered around its rez point. The center point may be reset, and the sphere size adjusted. In addition to the standard water only mode, it can be set for "free swim" (it will swim through the air) or "flat swim" (no climbing or diving, useful for above ground pools)

*FOLLOW: The fish will follow either you, or someone you tell it to follow.

*ATTACK: The fish will "attack" someone you tell it to. It is not a damage attack, more of a sharp nudge, but it conveys the idea

*GUARD: The fish will patrol about as in Roam Mode, but will attack anyone who isn't the owner or in the owner's group.

*STAY: Stays put until you release the fish by saying "roam" or "follow".

*LURK: A "lurk place" is included (and you can make your own, too). In Roam Mode, if the fish sees the lurk place, it will sometimes go over and lurk underneath, attacking who gets too close (unless they are the owner or in the owner's group)

To see them in person (animated, but not roaming), do drop the Marketplace in the underwater city of Aquaria:

While you're there get a free sculpted goldfish (not as fancy, but does swim around in a circle)

Safe Waters!

Miss Virrginia Tombola, owner and mermaid
Cheval Verite/La Bicyclette

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Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Tsch. Somehow I missed the steelheads being available.