Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In no way, shape or form related to ANYTHING

Save for my love of silly twee games :) My favourite flashgame designer, Ferry Halim, now has a new game entitled "Sunny Day". Think of it as "Tanglewood Tiny goes to visit the Mainland but doesn't let it dampen his tiny but stout heart as he has a Magic Umbrella and an Infectious Soundtrack".

Or, perhaps some other, more concise description. Here it is:

Oh, the game play. Mr Halim fails to explain much, but essentially, one clicks to open the umbrella. Then Teddy swoops up above the traffic below. Land on top of the traffic, not between it (no worries, Teddy always survives, even maintaining some dignity). Opening and closing rapidly swoops one higher. Seek the fruit, avoid the duckies. Mind the bar in the upper right, as it shows "umbrella power" which slowly drains. Land again to recover (with points for smooth landings)

C'est tout!


Lonely Paul said...


Virrginia Tombola said...

Hello back, Paul. Do play the game. No one can be lonely if they have a magic umbrella.