Friday, June 13, 2008

More fun with Photoshop Filters

Truthfully, the closest I have ever got to oil painting is the splattery mess on my stove when I stir fry things. Watercolour? Isn't that what happens when you forget to put a coaster down? But I am happy to abuse Photoshop filters to simulate having artistic talent! Here are a examples of Adobe fun (click on the picture for a full size photo--the filter effects are rather lost in the thumbnails):

In all seriousness, playing about with Zbrush lately has made me think more about creating dioramas in Second Life. A bit of a poor woman's Bryce, as it were. Import the three dimensional models and textures, some of which can be added later on in Photoshop. And of course, unlike Bryce, one can waddle about in one's diorama later on! Hardly original thinking--brilliant artists such as AM Radio and the NPIRL set have been doing this for some time already. But for me, it is opening up some ideas for future fun :)

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