Friday, April 20, 2007

The Girl Catches on...

Well, I am no Girl Genius (however much I try...)

But, "spark" or no, I have discovered how to put links up! So, for your viewing enjoyment, do peruse some of the links to the right. I shall speak more of Miss Londonderry (the first woman to ride around the world) in the near future, as I am currently moving her Second Life museum from my shop to the Undershaw foundation in New Babbage.

Suffice to say, she is a major inspiration for me, so much so, that despite the prevelant cold (I thought this was April :(), I shall hop on my Real Life cycle in a moment and brave 10 or so miles. Um, well, perhaps I am no more Annie Londonderry than I am Agatha Clay...ah, well. Heros provide inspiration even if one can never hope to reach their heights.

And, for not reason whatsoever, here is a picture of my friends Miss Fuschia Begonia and Professor Avalanche in Caledon Tanglewood (Victorian Fantasy) attire:

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