Friday, April 27, 2007

Journals, and Diaries and Logs, Oh My!

I have finally sat down and added links to all the "blogs" and whatnot of my fellow Second Life Steampunk/Victoriana Obsessed/Costume Crazed/Generally Fun people I know.

However, I am a certified God-Help-Us at times, so do drop me a line if I have forgotten you--or most likely the fact that you have such a diary. Also, I am always looking for such aforementioned places, so do let me know if you see something particularly good.

Oh, obligatory "dearest diary" entry. Yesterday found my stack of madly scribbled foolscap I call a novel done, as in edited. A far more painful and logical process then the joy of creation. I am certain there is some analogy to children here, but as I am not a mother, I shall desist lest I appear silly.

Thus I found myself in Second Life again, playing with a TOP SECRET prezzie project for Miss Rothschild's upcoming birthday fete on the fifth. I am getting rather enthused about the whole thing, and I don't think it would spoil anything to say that I am learning all sorts of things about how to do animations and particle effects. But, drat those link messages! They ought be such simple things, but if one thinks about it, commanding individual objects in Second Life is akin to demanding obedience from one's puppy. She might very well have the best of intentions, but sometimes it takes time for said command to work its way from her fuzzy ears to her little paws. So, perhaps the "sit" or (in the case of animation) "move" doesn't happen quite as fast as it ought. Multiply this tendency by a number equal to several linked objects, and you have the proverbial cats on the drill field. I think that's a proverb.

Ah well, it works well enough in lower system lag, and I will leave certain aspects securable for higher lag conditions. I do hope she likes it.

P.S. For all who might have seen a combat version (the drums are sounding at the border, Reconciliation Day tomorrow or not), please please, do not breath a word of this. I suppose I ought not have tested it next to the Anvil during Happy hour (apparently the fact that it was Wednesday did not dissuade the Caledonian Revelers). Also, be assured that I will be giving Miss R a peaceable toy, as befits her kind nature. Besides, would so very much hate to see a tea party disrupted with wayward Heat Rays.....

P.P.S. Speaking of birthdays, Miss Paravane and I have discovered to our delight that we were born fair simultaneously in RL! I need point out that as she was born in India, that does make her a tad older than I (who almost missed the day besides). More on this later. Suffice to say, we will be having a simple fete, as there are many that day anyway. What day you ask? Why, Mayday :)


I almost forgot to add photographs! And what is a blog without pictures and conversation? I can supply the former at least. Here I am, visiting the New Babbage Nickolodean, where I saw (appropriately enough) a Magic Lantern showing of coloured Tenniel illustrations. Curiouser and curiouser....


Hotspur O'Toole said...

the drums ARE sounding on the border, Reconciliation Day or not

I am distressed at your lack of faith, Miss Tombola. Should we not open our hearts and our minds to our Teutonic cousins? To quote the young Wells fellow, "the first person to raise his hand in anger is the first person to run out of ideas!"

Vi Paravane said...

And an auspicious day it was, too! I'm not one to throw a huge party, but I do hope that our friends will come by for some curry, tea and cake. And a dance around the may-pole!