Saturday, April 28, 2007

Steam City!

Well, it's not open just yet, but I took an excursion there this morning. RL relatives are about in town, pleasant enough people in small doses, but it's been a few weeks now. I don't mean to criticize, but it is quite clear that back in Miss Austen's day, house guests understood that we could all sit about in comfortable mutual silence in a room, enjoying the genial comfort of a friend or close relation nearby. Nowadays, I think that, sans television (which does not, and will not exist in my salon, or anywhere else), people (meaning said relatives, I must admit) will wander over to the nearest cathode ray tube (if that is what powers my little difference engine) and lean over one's shoulder. Commentary invariably ensues, I am afraid, putting a bit of a dampener on the romance novel (yes, yes, I am writing one. Hush, now). Second Life is quite out of the question.

Well, I suppose in a round about way, I am making my apologies to my Caledonian friends for not being at the Reconciliation Ball tonight. As a Captain of the Caledonian Air Corps, I ought be there in full dress uniform. But I shall be wining and dining the guests, and it would hardly do to run into the back room for a turn about the floor with some braid-clad fellow.

Hmmm...the imagery in that last sentence is suspect. Ah well, all blogs are first draft.

I did get a chance to play about in the shop this morning. I received some lovely brass gauges in the post from Mr. Pearse, perfect for my Top Secret Project. As I told him, he truly knows how to warm a lady's heart. Well, a Steampunk girl's, any road. Then Mr. Sputnik passed by and obligingly allowed me to calibrate my Heat Ray on him, then tested it against a little horseless carriage I have on hand for such purposes. I wish I could show you the photographs, but it was all Very Top Secret. Mind you, I think I may have edged him a tad closer to his next Time Lord regeneration.

Oh! Photographs! I sometimes think myself almost clever, and using the combined technology of my Robo-TeaTyme-Teddy and Mr. Eastman's brownie, was able to create a Photographic Brownie drone for an aeronautical excursion. I apologize for the lesser quality of these prints, but my Brownie is not up to the standard of more terrestrial based photographic equipment.

So, drone behind, I launched off the laboratory platform in the Port and headed south to the Southern Sea, wherein the still under construction Steam City lies. As you can see here, it is still on its landing gear. I am not sure if it will be airborne in the end or not, but suffice to say, the construction would be a bit trickier if the main supporting engines were spinning away at full bore!

Here I am on landing approach, under the mid section. One can see the clever observation deck my good friend and business colleague Doctor Whittlesea put together. I cannot wait to take tea there someday! I do so love vertigo.

I popped into the hangar deck to toss on a few more pounds of coal (IOU is in the scuttle, just for the record). When this is finished, my little workshop/aeronautical shop will be here. Behind me are the beckoning doors leading to the limitless blue sky. Oh, and should you pop by once Steam City is open, I will have loaner ornithopters about for you to try your hand with.

All coked up, I was ready to explore the topside. I am afraid my drone caught me dipping my starboard wing on the top of my exiting Immelmann. Ah well, it is a German maneuver. Do I look like a Baby Bothering Bosch? Er....I mean to say, "Misunderstood Current Friend of Our Glorious Nation" Perhaps it's all for the best that I won't be at the Reconciliation Ball tonight :P

Rolling out, we can see a wider view of the top, as well as Mr. Zeppelin Duesenberg's lovely airship in the distance. Yes, those towering devices you can see are the supporting airscrews!

Hrmph...I had two more photographs to share, but this blog is being recalcitrant. Perhaps I have exceeded my post limit. Ah well, I shall show them soon enough. Besides, mustn't be tedious with one's holiday postcards!

Edit: Here they are. A bit of flotsam (or is that jetsam) in the water below. I believe it will be cleaned up. But in the meantime, it is splendid for playing a sort of reverse ring toss with an ornithopter!

And finally, northward again, heading back to the Old Caledon (as we locals have started calling it). As a side comment, Old Caledon is still an amazingly beautiful sim, but has been woefully deserted since the opening of Victoria City to the distant east. I do hope that having such a vibrant sim to the immediate south will introduce others to the lovely walks and builds of Caledon I again.

A splendid morning all told, but it shall even be more splendid once we future landholders are let loose upon our new Aerial Demenses :)


Edward Pearse said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the cogs and gauges. I'm very curious to see your new project and I'm glad they may be of some use.

I was thinking about the TCS and wondered if we can tweek it to cover bladed weapons. I may have a chat with Miss Malaprop. If we can get a system that does blade, ranged and artillery (for vehicles) that that pretty much covers everything.

Obviously it still doesn't solve the problem of firing from horseback but it's a start.

Virrginia Tombola said...

I did manage to get the avTCS system to work from horseback. The trick is to aim a bit high. I wish there were an easy way to recalibrate this. With the sensor in a prim (as it is with the vehicle system), one need only rotate the prim. I am not sure how to do this with a HUD attachment (perhaps the same way...hmm...must go test)

I was also able to shoot TCS equipped vehicles, with satisfactory results. Time prevented us from testing the vehicle vs. Avatar system, but I imagine it should be doable.

Swords, I know little about, but imagine that they could be done if one could control the range. How one would incorporate all those flashy parries and what not is beyond me, though.

At the end of the day, though, I'd like a system that is a) copiable (preferably with a vendor version that is transferable) and b) compatible. I can see a future of Steampunk wars, and we will need such a system in place.

Mind you, do mind the windows, sir :)

Trev said...

I really do need to discover more about these wonderful steampunk sims, we should speak in-world sometimein the future.
-Joel walsh