Monday, April 30, 2007

Well, Someone Need Miss All the Excitement

Well, as I predicted, I was far too late to our Victorian virtual world to make other than a extraordinarily late appearance. So, I am still getting much of the excitement second hand. For those who did not hear, apparently there was a bit of a fracas with the Neualtenberger set and Colonel O'Toole's group of nattily attired (if the seamstress might say so herself) Secret Policemen.

Now, just for the record, the whole affair was nothing but a pre-scripted cinema verite (if one can be said to such a thing in Second Life). So please, please stop sending Mr. O'Toole nasty postcards. Not even the French ones, which I am told by reliable authority that he likes.

Misunderstandings aside, it went down well enough, and a smashing film of the whole thing can be seen on Mr. Oolon Sputnik's blog (The 500 Year Diary, link to the right). I do so look forward to flying forth in a Vickers armed ornithopter to give what for to the Enemies of Caledon. Whoever they are--actually I'm a bit confused right now. But I never was good at following mystery novels. I'm rather the type who said at the end of Mansfield Park, "Good Lord! Fanny marries Edward in the end!" (hope I didn't spoil that).

Oh, speaking of Miss Austen, I received a letter from a Miss DeeDee Peccable who runs the Second Life Jane Austen center. She very politely asked me if I might be willing to help her make Regency attire for her center. Well, does a pig have steam retro rockets? Jumping at the excuse to waste time oogling early 19th century paintings, I drummed up the following little frock on Sunday (Miss Peccable on the left, I on the right)

Then afterwards, we nipped over to her shop in Pemberly (of course) (a search for "Jane Austen" should do the trick. I swear I shall figure SLURLs very soon!).

She has all the Austen paraphenalia one could want there, and the music is quite nice on the parcle. I have to admit a tad bit of disappointement that Pemberly is more of a modern residential neighborhood than anyplace I might spot Mr D'Arcy out hunting with Mr Bingley. But things start a step at a time, and Miss Peccable's shop is a fine first step. She is speaking of having a Regency themed ball in the near future, so if nothing else I need start thinking of some clothing for the men of the period as well. I do have Napoleonic uniforms, but we need something for the non-martial Austen heros too! I think such a thing would be grand indeed--if you are similarly inclined, do shoot her an IM and ask to become a "Janeite" (lover of Miss Austen).

Well, dear reader, until next time!


Edward Pearse said...

No no Miss Tombola *Christine* marries Edward. I'm sure I'll never hear the end of it now. She'll want to know all about this little tart called Fanny...

Hotspur O'Toole said...

Mmmmm... Fanny.

(there's a double entendre for you)