Monday, April 23, 2007

Opening Day

Had a fair good showing for Sunday at the Annie Londonderry exhibit. I love the "Who was she? She did what? When?" reactions. Really, I sometimes think that the amazing thing about her story is that more people haven't heard of it. Still, as I read more and more about the 19th century, the more I realize that there were some incredible people, who did incredible things, but for whatever reason they aren't widely known today. Much had to do with publicity, of course, but often, they were well known in their day (while Annie did not get a large sendoff, she arrived back home to cheering crowds). It's really just the vagaries of history.

Happily, we sold a fair number of the Sterling replicas (if one can call a virtual cycle a "replica"). They're still on sale there for 100L each, and all proceeds will go to the Second Life Relay for Life campaign which raises money for the American Cancer Society. I have to admit I'm a bit proud of the cycle--I managed almost all the details I wanted, including the animated rider, wheels. In case anyone wonders, the bundle on the left is the American flag (she would fly it when she came into towns), and yes, she carried an umbrella, as can be seen in this photo:

And just to assuage my vanity, here are a few pictures of yours truly, attempting my best Annie imitation:


Hotspur O'Toole said...

What shame there is no mention of your Virtual Museum on the Spokeswoman site or blog, Vee! Congratulations on a very succesful opening. I shall be popping in shortly. Would you bsk as to post the SLURL?

Virrginia Tombola said...

Oh, I think they have much bigger fish to fry than a virtual exhibition, Mr. O'Toole. But I am quite amazed/honoured that they even noticed it at all.

SLURL, hmmmm...I really OUGHT learn how to make those :P