Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ideas, Ideas....

I spotted this over on the delightful Brass Goggles blog--

With even more photographs here: http://www.fi.edu/qa99/attic6/index.html

(Hmm, must learn to insert links better. Believe or not, I am bit of a Luddite)

Well, it just so happens that at Sir ArthurConan Doyle's request, I made a replica of the tricycle for two that the original Sir Arthur went riding about with his wife on (one can see the original photo leaned up against the replica)

Modifying the latter into the former looks like a project for a pleasant afternoon, though I really must learn to restrain myself with the detail, lest I go over the prim limits for vehicles. I find adding parts to vehicles via avatar attachments a bit cumbersome at time. Still, if I want that lovely "surrey style" sunshade, I might have to.

Rubbing hands together in girlish glee....

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