Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And She Pauses

Well, this is hardly a Second Life, Steam Punk or Victoriana post, but it is my blog, I'll digress should I want to.

I do love short flash games. As those who spot me on Second Life more than a few times throughout the day can guess, I spend a fair amount of the daytime saying unladylike things at the keyboard. 500-1500 words, and my easily spent mind is spent, and often a trip to our Virtual Victorian World is what I need for an hour or two.

But I often need a breather, not a two hour retreat. So I search for little ten minute games that don't use the keyboard and relax me. I dislike "shooters" (despite my undeserved reputation as an Airborne Annie Oakley), which actually limits my choices quite a bit. Still, it's a wide wide world wide web, and I find occasional gems.

This one is truly beautiful--

I won't spoil it by explaining the controls. Just use the mouse, and enjoy. Let us just say it is as far from violent as a game can be. The music is Children of Beslan by Steven Cravis, dedicated to the lives lost in the 2004 terrorist takeover of School Number One in Beslan, Russia.

Flowers and Water Outside School Number One
(photo courtesy of Wiki Commons)

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Hotspur O'Toole said...

(despite my undeserved reputation as an Airborne Annie Oakley),

Ahem! I believe your reputation was earned gunning down hapless aviators who were still on the ground or just taking off.. *kaff kaff*