Friday, June 15, 2007

Steampunk Expo!

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The good Second Life Relay for Life team has outdone themselves, again. Right now, if you haven't already, you really ought hie on down to Caledon Primverness and see some of the best offerings of the genius inventors of Caledon.

A Marvelous Engine by Mr. Hax--

One of my favourites, a steam powered Rose Tender by Miss Lapin Paris, showing her artistic genius in yet another medium--

A Cavorite Flying Machine by Sir Edward Pearse. This poor brownie shot does it little justice as the detail and animations are phenomenal. Fairly more elegant in the air than my flappy things, I do hope he puts it on the market soon; his wedding this--oh dear!--AFTERNOON, might be preoccupying his attentions :P This truly looks like flying jewlery (perhaps a small model might be worn on a chain necklace?)

Speaking of Cavorite, Mr Greggan made the most amazing "Repulsion Chamber" which sounds a bit frightening. I must admit when he encouraged me to head into a large chamber surrounded by crackling blue-green lightning discharges, I might have had one or two reservations! But when my dear friend Dr. Fabre offered to follow me, "Very soon, madame, after I take care of some...things...yes, things that might take some time..but I shall be there soon!", I knew that if a learned man such as he regarded as safe, it surely must be.

Well, safe or not, it was fun! The instant one steps inside, gravity is a mere suggestion. Soon I and the good doctor (oh, he did show up :P) were merrily bouncing around off ceiling and crystalline walls, accompanied the most unusual sounds. I can't describe them here, so you must try it yourself. Perfectly safe, I assure you! Well, one's coiffure might suffer occasionally--

Oh, and Steam Piggy is there, too, making entirely too much noise. Silly thing, but it makes him happy to get out.

Above all, these items and many more are available for shamelessly low prices at the expo. I picked up a lovely teapot by Mr. Sands, and a "Metallic Maid" ensemble by Miss Fuschia Begonia, which went rather well with my new hairstyle :)

On Saturday there will be an 11 AM panel discussion with Miss Ordinal Malaprop (or should I say THE Ordinal Malaprop?), the famed "Code Poet" Sir Zenmondo Wormser, and the Particle Wizard Mr. Angus Mesmer.

At 2 PM, there will be a Steampunk Fashion show--so don your brass goggles and flying boots and do get a front row seat.

Finally, a lovely article with more pictures here

See you all there!

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