Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tour de Caledon

Oh, lord, this was fun! Though sadly unable to make it to the rest of the Caledon Triathalon, I was happy enough to final realize my long held goal of running a bike race across the wild cobblestoned streets of Caledon, across the unruly privit hedges and through the darkest parts of the downtown shopping district of Victoria City.

A huge thanks to the initimable Miss Lapin Paris, who has been working tirelessly (well, actually getting quite worn out, but pressing on regardless) at the Second Life Relay for Life Campaign ( It was really all her idea, as I had just mentioned it as a passing fancy. Next I knew, I was standing about watching with admiration as the Genius Inventor, Professor Alphonso Avalance, constructed a timer that would time our contestants to twenty or so decimal places of accuracy.

And here they are ready to go! I happily sold more than a few of the Annie Londonderry cycles for this event, donating the proceeds to the Relay for Life. I like think she would have been delighted.

They left from Port Caledon and pedaled ceaselessly until they all made it to the Primverness Hub, Mr. Roy Smashcan having a narrow escape passing under the banner atop a tall pennyfarthing. Somehow, his tophat managed to stay on though :)

Mr. Erasmus Margulis made a strong showing on his BMX cycle (whatever THAT is!), but at the last minute, Miss Diamanda Gustafson pulled ahead as they searched for the finish line. Mr. Margulis then fell back upon the unheard of male technique of asking for directions whereupon he almost, but not quite made up the distance, ending up with a still very respectable second place.

The fight for third was tremendous, I hear, with rumours of "bicycle bumping" persisting. All I can say is, Miss Paris looks so sweet-tempered and innocent, does she not? Flying over hill and Dale, Mr. Newbe Writer (I do love his name!) made it just past Miss Violet Schnable. With less than five seconds difference between the two, I felt obliged to award Miss Schnable an honourable mention.

Prizes and congratulations were then awarded, Professor Avalanche generously giving all winners a Monocycle, and I handed out a Pennyfarthing, Tandem Cycle, Steam Piggy and Horsie (did I mention my ponies? Oh, more about that later!) to the fourth through first places, respectively.

A fun day, all around!

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Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Madam! After admiring the mechanical strutting and endearing cacophony of your steam-powered porcine, I most assuradly look forward to the results of your equestrine endevors (out of curiousity.. any steam ponies, perhaps?)...