Thursday, June 28, 2007

On the Perennial Comparison Betwixt RL and SL

Well away, I discovered the other day one key point. Real Life cycling accidents rather hurt more! Not to fear, nothing broken save my pride, and I find myself able to hobble about now. Just lost a good quantity of skin on the pavement when I froliced downhill into a shallow mud puddle with amazingly slick weed on the bottom. My cycle found the nearby duck pond, and I the aforementioned concrete. Now, I would have liefer had it the other way, but really hadn't time to sort it all out.

Well, let us speak of progress. I am grateful enough for the modern helmet, and my hands were well protected. Scant little else, though, much to my legs' and arms' dismay. Now, if I'd been happily clad in woolen bloomers and riding jacket, with a solid set of stays to protect my unhappy ribs, things would have been different. Of course, one must admit the improbablity of me moving quite so fast in a full 1890s outfit on a summer day atop a 40lb cycle (as Annie Londonderry I really am not)--safer perhaps, but one does understand the shift in attire.

Well, healing and ought get back on the iron horse soon enough!


Diamanda Gustafson said...

Ouch! Take care, mmkay?

Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Well, madam, I'd recommend a bit of Acetylsalicylic acid and a cold compress, but I'm certain it would fall on deaf ears *lol! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Current Population: 2 said...

I heartily recommend Mrs Fisher's Linniment, sold only in one obscure location in the UK and made by pixies from an antique (it was over one hundred years old when I did it many moons ago) recipe.

Anything that smells thta bad will undoubtedly scare away any troublesome aches, pains and undead spirits

Fuschia Begonia

Amber_Palowakski said...

Here's to a speedy recovery!