Sunday, June 24, 2007

Flying Twee Flash

Well, quite a bit has been going on the last few days, and I should love to talk further about it (though I have noticed whenever I say something like that, it can be a week or so before I get around to the necessary revelatory post. Ah well, if one wishes consistency in style and complete coherence, they need read Joyce before this blog, that's all I have to say on the issue).

A quick synopsis would mention the creation of a Hansom cab, the discovery of little cockney orphans who can be impressed into service as coachboys and girls, the final touches on the carriage house, MORE innovations on the horses including a lovely rearing animation, MORE card games in the Coaching house and my sordid purchase of a date with Professor Avalanche at the Sadie Hawkins South Pacific fest


Let me just say, as popular as he is, it was fortuitous that the horse trading has gone so well! The lad does not come cheaply, though his Real Lady Love, Miss Begonia, assures me that he makes a decent cup of tea. Yorkshire Gold, s'il vous plait, garcon!

But I won't be discussing any of this as I need scat out the door to do a bit of RL sailing (as I once said in the post on SL sailing, I hardly know larboard from port, but I enjoy being out there)

If the weather is not so fine where you are, let me direct you to this fun little timewaster--again, hardly steampunk, but it truly has a Tanglewood feel. It is rahter technique-, and tru to flying principles--the squirrel slows when climbing, and speeds when diving. Too slow, and the little thing stalls and falls. Speed requires energy, got in the form of nuts that become more and more scarce as winter approaches. And the music is, well, absurdly happy :)

With no further ado--


Amber_Palowakski said...

Just wanted to congratulate you on your Cavalry HUD I read about in O'Toole's blog! Sorry I am not the most diligent of bloggers or blog readers....SL takes up way too much of my time.

Oolon said...

Ooooh! Nut.