Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Drama a la Bicyclette

Never let it be said that all the drama about here is strictly the province of the boys (and girls) in fancy dress uniform! The birthday cake is in the oven now, and (brace yourself, dear reader)--I ate large quantities of uncooked batter! I know, I know, one cannot trust the modern chicken to be as pure as her historical counterpart. Flips and nogs just aren't what they used to be, *sigh*.

Well, I shall put a brave face on this whole enterprise. Timourlessly, she strides forth to Rotate the Pan!


Anonymous said...

Just a modern note -- the risks for eggs are much less than usually stated, if you use shelled eggs. Restaurants oft use eggs in a bag, which mixes the bad eggs with the good. I hunted down all the stats a few years ago; as long as I keep eggs in the icebox, I have no qualms about feeding them, in batter or noggs, to anyone from one to 99. -- Cyn Vandeverre

Virrginia Tombola said...

Hurrah, then! Mmmmm...real mayonaise, so long have I stayed away. But it was all a misunderstanding! Will you ever forgive me?