Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Older, Not Wiser

Well, not any more foolish than I was the day afore yesterday. But nevertheless, regardless of my own state of seriousness, there is little that is more restorative to one's health, spirit and the great et cetera than being incredibly silly with one's friends. And silly we were :)

Miss Paravane set up a nice little Maypole, and with the aid of some jig-ity-jg bracelets, we were all merrily dancing away in no time flat. There was a brief call to all dance in one direction (I am certain I heard "Widdershins" called), but that met with little success, perhaps exacerberated by the espoused, but not universally accepted, notion that the ladies ought go one way and the gentlemen the other. I found it expedient to stick to the outside of the circle, to be quite honest :P

Here's a little cinematicatron (or whatever that device is called) or the whole affair, courtesy of Mr Sputnik (and to the set who seems intent on calling me "Girl Genius", I still am quite unable to fathom how to put links up, much less post videos on this blog. I really did follow the instructions :/)

Well away, at least I can show some other pictures! Here is my fellow birthday girl, the talented and amazing Miss Vi Paravane:

And here we are all, dancing merrily about from aside and above:

And, I must add with some degree of embarassment, we both were indundated with lovely prezzies. I have remarked on the ones of last night, but truly, I was not quite prepared for this showering of largess.

I think I have been dutiful with my thank you posts, but allow me to post my gratitude further here!

From Miss Begonia and Professor Avalanche a combination set of Fancy Riding Clothes and an amazing Monowheel (see two posts ago)

From my favourite card shark, Mr. Hotspur O'Toole, a clever deck of cards that plays Spades and Hearts, not to mention the humously animated 52 card pickup.

From Miss Vi Paravane, a clever book that I scribble in vice type when I chat. And Miss P, I just noticed the title and author today :) You are beyond clever! And I do hope you like your present from me--suffice to say, Miss Lightfoot and I missed your company when we went riding last.

From Miss Lightfoot, a amazing Ocean Mandela painting she did herself (like many in SL, Miss L is a full time professional--I am lucky to know so many!)

Speaking of professional artists, from Miss Lapin Paris a delicately sculpted Grecian Urn that now has pride of place in my mermaid's grotto in Tanglewood.

From Miss Imogen Saltair, a Sparkly Faberge egg (see on the left)

From Mr. G. Abel, an amazing horse drawn coach (!) and champagne bucket. I promise not to drive and drink! Well, the horse does know the way, doesn't she?

From Mr J. Drinkwater, the Caledon Librarian, my very own library card. He'll make it back in overdue fines, I am sure.

From Miss Shylah Garmes, a Second Life Relay for Life Pin, and a donation to that charity. Thank you, Miss Garmes, for a present that really can make a difference (I have a photo of it, but it is perched attractively on the decollatage of my Regency dress. I had forgotten how racily our ancestors dressed, to be honest, and I have limits to what I shall post in public ;))

From Miss Cy Vanderverre, a flower chaplet that was perfect for the Maypole dances. Imagine that!

From Mrs Wind, an artillery piece of some size. Pictures to follow on that (BTW, she is making a universal combat system--from sword to airborne artillery, it will be covered. Eeep!)

And along that lines, a "mini-gun" (which was hardly mini at all!) from Mr. O. Sputnik. Really, one zips about but once or ten times with a Vickers firing off, and everyone thinks you a 19th century Boudicca....

Well, fortunately, Miss Rothschild showed up and I discovered that her birthday has come and gone (she was created a year ago this April 25th). The party, however, is on the 5th. Nontheless, it meant I could finally give her the special present I made for her--a Steam Piggy with Heat Ray Eyes and Steam Retro Rockets. Here he is, being fair well behaved at the dance (Miss R displayed a talent for keeping him in line right from the start).

Not wanting JUST to receive, I proposed an ornithopter race with the demonstration ornithopters I pulled out. First to the waiting hangar above was Mr. Smashcan, who related his winning techinique of swinging wide to Caledon I in order to make a proper landing approach through the hangar doors (me, I usually half loop in, but it involves a certain indifference to dragging a wingtip :P). He received a SkyCycle for his Aeronautical daring.

All else seemed contented enough with my unicycles, which seemed a silly enough contrivance for the occasion. Some, of course, have to out do all the others, and our normal quiet librarian was spotted doing a fair up tempo jig atop his.

Well, after that I had to head out for RL celebrations (caught me a bit flat footed, really. Wasn't expecting it, but suffice to say it started with iced fruit after a good ride and ended with a bit of music playing and this French custard thingee with cherries. I am still coming slowly down from all that sugar!). So I left my dancing SL friends as the new SL sun slowly set its virtual way. I can think of few nicer places to spend a birthday afternoon, and none I would have rather spent it with.

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