Monday, May 28, 2007

Yaaarr, Me Mateys!

Well, one cannot stay sombre for long, and I think it is important to be happy and silly while we remain on God's Green Earth.

Two of my favorite brilliant and funny people, Miss Fuschia Begonia and Professor Alphonso Avalanche, put together a lovely fete hosted on Her Grace Gabrielle Tirel's demense in Caledon Carnaigh. Well, it was a fundraiser ball, of course, for what better purpose can merriment serve than to fight some awful disease like Cancer. Accordingly, over 50,000 Lindens were raised for the American Cancer Society.

But if we were serious in intent, we were not in spirit. We were, in fact, for an eve, pirates.


Well, my command of "Pirate" is hardly fluent, but I did find a lovely Language Learning video that helped me bone up (or is that skull and cross-bone up?) prior to the event. I usually understood everyone around me. Well, at least I understood what they were saying.


And no event would be complete sans Mr Oolon Sputnik's exquisite work with the kinescope!

(Here we see Mr. Sputnik, apparently just off the boat from Tanglewood. Dear me, I hope it is not a case of an ahead of schedule regeneration! Well, it would be lovely to have a fuzzy squirrel about, and he could access the more out of the way electrical panels in the ETC with ease. And he would be more portable...)

And here is the fete itself:

Fair Sailing, Jim Lads and Hearty Wenches, all!

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