Thursday, May 17, 2007

Neuatltenberg Propaganda

Well, the Baby Bothering Bosch have their own take on the whole sorry business of the bombing of Victoria city.

A bit one sided, with no mention of how they were repelled at the end thanks to the stalwart defense of the Caledon Militia. Nothing says "pray do not remain" as a Fuzzy Koala--er, Drop Bear--with his back up does, I must say. Cut off their Eucalyptus ration, and the little fellows become rather vicious. But in these circs, who can blame them?

Still, one must credit Her Kaiserine with fantastic kinescope work, as well as good taste in music. Perhaps someday, when this unpleasantness is behind us, the mutual creativity of our kingdoms will bring us together. One can only hope. They do make wonderful chocolate, the Bosch do.

P.S. For new visitors to the blog, all the above is merely about a mutual Machima that Caledon and Neualtenberg are putting together to raise money for the Second Life Relay for Life--a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society.

(DRAT...still having trouble with these confounded links. OTHER blogs have links via pictures and icons and hypertext and roll overs and animations and, and...STUFF! But nooooo, I can't even put a blessed link up :/ Ah well. I'm sure I have other qualities, as they say)


Hotspur O'Toole said...

mmm Fanny.

Edward Pearse said...

Yep, Drop Bears can be vicious little things. That's why Australians tend to warn the tourists about them. They really are concerned for your wellbeing.