Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In the News, Again

Well, I've heard it said that a true lady wishes to be read about only on her birth, marriage and death. Well, no one told Nellie Bly, and I admit I have not really got the message either :) I had a lovely visit this morning from Miss Scarlett Qi, a reporter from the Second Life News Network and a thoroughly pleasant lady, very much cast in the manner of the aforementioned Miss Bly.

Well, we didn't go around the world in 67 days, but we did a quick tour about Steam Sky City in order to demonstrate the Orni as part of a larger article on Mr. Todd Borst's wonderful animation program Puppeteer (aka Animation for the Mathematically Challenged). She's put the article up here:

Oh, in other news, I've put down the deposit on another plot. I'll be leaving Tanglewood and it's marvelous beanstalk (must post about that soon). Happily, my amazingly creative friend Miss Terry Lightfoot will be moving in there.

I will be moving to the telehub of Eyre! As in "Jane Eyre". 1 Rochester Street, that is I :) More later!

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Anonymous said...

Farewell, Miss Tombola! You shall be sorely missed!