Friday, May 11, 2007

More Birthdays!!

Well, after all that excitement, what does one do about here? Why, hold another birthday fete, of course. Mr. Sputnik had informed us that Professor Avalanche's birthday was yesterday, so of course, there was nothing for it but to make a few prezzies and hold a party.

Well, Time Lords are not always so good about precise dates--as it turns out, the Good Professor's birthday was on Tuesday, which even time zone confusion could not make Thursday. But, this was hardly the point, as the banner had already been made.

Here we are awaiting his arrival. It gave us all a chance to try on our new medieval dress Dr. Whittlesea's sister, Miss Jackie, had made for us, complete with the newest hairstyles of the late 15th century. She is quite brilliant, and I look so forward to seeing this and her Versailles dresses up for sale.

It was a bit of a wait. I shan't go into details, but apparently there was an embroidery bookshelf collapse somewhere in Northern England. Professor Avalanche was gamely called into action to fix the mess he had made...I mean, save the day, and was not allowed on line...I mean, could not tear himself away from his heroic duties until it was all fixed.

Well, he is a strongman, so he made his appearance soon enough. Here he is, clearly thinking brilliant thoughts with his new Steam Powered "thinking fez".

Then it was off to try the Splendid Kilt Miss Lightfoot had made for him, festooned with fierce tigers. Miss Begonia mentioned something to the effect that Professor A was extremely secure in his masculinity, and then started giggling wildly. Truthfully, I am not quite sure of her meaning, but she knows him well enough, I suppose. The inside jests of close friends, one must think.

Then it was time for the final present--a very special set of weights Miss Lightfoot and I had made. As you can see here, he is truly a man of strength, as he lifted the weights up with the greatest of ease!

And then he continued to lift :) Well, we wouldn't wish to disappoint the creator of Snorty the Flying Steam Elephant with a mundane set of weights. We did our best to rise to the occasion. :P

To a very large number and beyond! And to many more happy returns!


Current Population: 2 said...

Dear Miss Tombola,

Yes it appears as if the unfortunate cascade of books occured at quite an inoportune moment, not only while you were all busy waiting for me to arrive, but also while I was directly underneath them.

Thankfully all of the books survived intact and therefore so did I.


Alfonso Avalanche

Current Population: 2 said...

I can also lay your fears to rest as to the safety of my embroidery books, my dear Virrginia. The bookshelf, on the other hand, remains thoroughly tatered. My dear husband insists he knows where he left the hammer after the last furniture explosion, but oddly enough can't quite put his hand on it.

I shall let you know if the fez shows any signs of improving his thinking, although I fear this too may be a lost cause along with my bookshelf.....

Your friend


Virrginia Tombola said...

I am so glad to hear about the books! Well, as far as the shelf itself is concerned, I am sure that a Genius Inventor Strongman will be quite able to make a new one, given a pot of tea and a bit of (gentle, please Miss B!) encouragement.