Monday, May 7, 2007

L'Ornithopter en le News

Well, so much has happened this weekend, I really don't know where to start. Friday saw Miss Cornelia Rothschild's birthday with amazing toys and whatnot. I particularly liked Mr. Sputnik's Robot, and Mr. Wormser's automated quizzer was up to his usual spectacular scripting ability. But first prize was given to an incredibly detailed, imaginatively designed, table with a fuzzy plushie bunny designed by Mr. Mesmer. I am not certain how I feel about that--it was clever, but seemed a bit macabre to me. But Miss R assured me that clockwork people (and by extension plushies) are not as squeamish about having their innards worked upon as flesh and blood people are. I shall take comfort in that. Besides, I was the one who put heat rays on Piggy. I ought not to talk (and vanity compels me to mention that Piggy took second place).

Saturday was the Invasion of Caledon. I ought write eloquent words about this, but truthfully, today has been a writer's block day. My novel has stalled at the dramatic first kiss scene (yes, I write such scurrilous stuff :P), and with such inability presenting itself, I can scarce say anything that has not been said better elsewhere. But all in all, it was great fun and my blood was truly pumping as our flight of three ornithopters led by Colonel Pearse rolled in on the Flying Battleship Brynhilde. We raked her well in the name of Caledon's Sovereignty, and after had a pint (although the stein looked rather large for a pint!) with our gallant adversaries on the deck of the ship. War can be quite fun, so long as no one really gets hurt (I did break a nail with my rapid throttle changes, but I should be well enough soon).

Mr Pearse has a full account on his blog here-

In the meantime, here's a few pictures (his, I'm afraid I haven't the steel nerves that allow one to take photographs whilst being fired upon)

Oh, speaking of ornithopters, apparently the French have discovered Caledon! Looking for ornithopters in Google, I saw an interesting article entitled "Un Etrange Oiseau dans le Ciel de Second Life" Bonjour mes amis, et retournez, s'il vous plait!


Amber_Palowakski said...

Well Miss Virginia, I have been meaning to visit your blog and finally have done so. You have interesting posts. I'm going to add your blog to my list of SL friends on my blog page! :)

Virrginia Tombola said...

Thank you for popping, m'Lady! I have added your blog to the links at the right (and my apologies for not havign done so sooner)