Saturday, May 26, 2007

This Little Piggy Went to Market


A week has past since the last post, and I do apologize for that, pleading only the twin excuses of fatigue coupled with an unwillingness for this blog to actually resemble work. Mrs. Virginia Woolf once commented that she held herself to 1000 words a day, but wasn't quite sure if her diary contributed towards that. While it may seem the height of cheek to compare oneself to the greats, one can attempt emulation. Whilst I confess to not having made my daily allotment of verbage, I have not allowed myself to fancy this indulgence of mine to function as a substitute.

Well, that was a tad self-important, n'est ce pas? Lest you imagine me surrounded by stacks of outlines, worrying my hair into numerous elf knots, rest assured I found enough time to wander about in our virtual world! Amongst other things, Steam Piggy is now on the market :) Here is the little fellow debuting at Miss Rothchilde's Creation Day party (a bit of a clumsy term, but she is a clockwork, you see):

Here we are getting acquainted, with me settling him down a bit for the advertisment shot:

And here is the shameless advert itself, complete with the retro rockets at full blast.

I must add that someone-who-did-not-buy-a-piggy sent me the unsolicited advice that I ought not call Piggy's rockets "retro" as they propell him forward, vice slow his descent. Well, thank you very much for the advice, sir. Personally, I feel his overall esthetic is quite "retro", but perhaps I am misunderstanding the term. Besides, as I wrote the gentleman (whom I've not been formally introduced to, outside of our correspondance) in question, the box I got them from quite clearly said "ACME Retro-Rockets". I fear that it may have been a misshipment, as I must confess I was not the addressee. Still, a search through the directory for Mr. Wiley Coyote proved fruitless, so until he gets in contact with me, I feel little guilt about using his Retro Rockets for Piggy. Beep beep!

Well, Piggy needed a Market, and I am glad to say that with the help of Mr. Jess Patton (my dear friend, architect and brother that I've never had), the Steam City Shop is now open for business. Mr. Desmond Shang graciously allowed me to have an opening right onto the hangar floor, and with a bit of craftmanship, Dr. Jules Whittlesea modified the hangar accordingly.

As you can see here, Steam Fishy followed me from Tanglewood (more about THAT build later), and I finally made that Steam Tricycle I spoke of a few weeks ago.

I'm rather proud of the floating lounge, it's really the sort of thing I'd like to see more of. It is powered by steam retro rockets (*ahem*) and rotates slowly, with comfy seats and a chilled champagne bucket which Mr. G. Abel had given me for my birthday. I do like my shops to not just be rooms full of vendors, but rather places to hang about and play, even if you are not interested in purchasing.

I am also absurdly pleased with the demonstration ornithopter vendor I made. Touch the green ball by the hangar door, and it rezzes a demonstration (10 minute life) ornithopter on the hangar floor and hands out an instruction card. I don't wish to name names, but a random sample of five or so people found some of them having difficulty flying the orni at first. Oddly enough, all of said "some" were men. Now, I am not saying a thing, save to point out that upon further inquiry I discovered not a one had read the blessed instruction card! (/composes self). However, with a few gentle words, they all proved dab hands at fluttering about the city, once informed where the controls were.

After such excitement, you might wish to hop into the matter transporter (look for the transparent blue tube), which will take you down to the ground where Dr. Whittlesea's import shop is. I have a few other products there, such as dresses and centaurs, but more notably there are hordes of other's products as well. And do be sure to look at Mrs. Carricre Wind's lovely tug boats, which will soon be on display there.

Well, shall we see if I've learnt to use SLURLs? Here we go!

Ta for now! Do drop by, and don't be shy!


Darien Mason said...

I suppose to make them retro in both senses of the word you can semply reverse the direction of the thrusters, which would leave you with a backwards-flying pig.

P.S. Miss Tombola, do you have an ACME catalogue I may peruse through? I'm looking for crates of spinning gears and rockets for wholesale.

Virrginia Tombola said...

Hmmm...sounds like a good idea for a freebie box!

/adds another project to a long, long list of "to-dos"