Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Night Formation

Had a splendid time with Colonel O'Toole, Captain Picnic and Agent Pennyfeather last night practicing aerial manoeuvres. It was good to see them all, and I must say, for novice pilots the Captain P and Agent P certainly put me to shame. There was no formation too snug for the Captain to hold, and as for Agent Pennyfeather, considering that she had never so much as sat in an ornithopter that eve, her skill was astounding. It gives me great hope for the safety of Caledon in the face of the menace of the the Schnitzle-lovers (actually, not much against schnitzle myself, save that I dislike having to alter my stays in the wrong direction)

The Malaprop Bomber proved a sturdy beast, as one might expect from any of Miss Ordinal Malaprop's creations. The bomb bay doors functioned quickly and cleanly, and Colonel O'Toole's deft airmanship kept her steady enough to be guarded with ease. She is not as lively in the air as the Ornis, relying more upon her heavy ironsides. The Cavorite buoyancy compensators display many of the advantages of the more mundane gasbags, but in a compact size with none of the inflammability issues. Sadly for widespread use, the substance is deucedly difficult to work with, and twice as difficult to extract. Still, from the forges of war are born the civilian transports of tomorrow!

Fortune had it that the amazing derrogotype artist, Miss Thibaud, was out strolling the heath that night. She did us the favour of taking the above picture of the event.

For a lovely Magic Lantern show of more of that evening, do follow the following link

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