Thursday, May 3, 2007

One if by sea, two if by air

Well, all that birthday excitement was quite exhausting (poor thing, you no doubt are saying with a touch of facetiousness). Well, justified in my fatigue or not, I was happy to jump at Mr. O'Toole's gracious offer to go sailing with him the other night.

I love RL sailing, and as odd as it may seem, SL sailing offers the same relaxation in many ways. The views are pretty, it offers quiet moments of relaxation, followed by WHOOSH windy moments. Yes, yes, all things being equal, I do prefer real boats, but the company was splendid and one is hardly about to trot down to the slip on a Wendsday night and heave off for parts unknown. Besides, Mr. O'Toole is a skilled hand with his ship and I even might have the opportunity learn more about the real sport (these days, I am more Chief Sandwich Maker and Hey, Mind Going Forward and Grabbing That Line Girl).

Certainly, the SL ships are clever enough. The Lucky Dragon affords the ability to raise and lower sails, turn about realistically (so far as I can tell), adjust sail angle, and even fire cannon (last week I saw a SL sea battle--Jack Aubrey would have been proud!)

And of course, there is always the possibility of Landing in Strange Lands with Unusual beasts....

Today though, it was time for me to start work on my Steam City build. I am a bit disappointed that the shop doesn't open up directly onto the hangar as I thought it might, but still it is nice to be close. Demo ornithopters might still be a possiblity. In the meantime, I filled it with my usual Steamy Knick-Knackery.

More complete outfitting to follow next week, but in the meantime I think I can divulge that while at the lower parcel and docking area, I was appoached by the Guv---er, a nameless official--and asked to serve my Homeland with my little ornithopter.

So it was a quick trip to the hangar, whilst along the way I limbered up my trusty Vickers Air Cannon. Brave soul to have accompanied me! I don't think I shot out too many windows.

I need emphaize that this is all in good fun. After all, in RP circles, the aforementioned Mr O'Toole is a Traitorous Secret Policeman :P Well, he's as much that as I am a Fearless Fighter Pilot. But together we will all be making a cinematic extravaganza, hopefully one that will raise more money for the Second Life Relay For Life.

For those of you who aren't SL players, you might wish to look at the aforementioned Relay For Life website--it is a charity raising money for the American Cancer Society--


In the meantime, stay alert and keep an eye out for Enemies to the Motherland. Um, whoever they are. Pass me that script again, won't you?

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